Understanding Panoramic Photography 

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English: Giza Pyramids panoramic

English: Giza Pyramids panoramic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The word “panorama” was coined in the 1780′s by an Irish artist named Robert Barker. He used the word to describe a technique which had invented for painting a scene on the inside of a large cylinder, creating the illusion of a natural 360 degree view to anyone standing at the center.


There is no official divide between wide-angle photography and panoramic photography, but it’s a generally accepted rule that panoramic photographs take in approximately the field of view visible by the human eye, or slightly more. The purpose of panoramic photography is to capture an entire scene rather than just a single portion of it. For this reason it’s a popular technique amongst landscape photographers in particular.


Outside of the truly specialized panoramic lenses, you’ve probably already seen what the more common fisheye lens can do, pulling in the world around it and distorting it into a round shape. Often used in skateboarding and other extreme sports photography, fisheye lenses are the first step to getting the whole scene into the photograph while remaining close to the subject.


True panoramic photography, however, does not distort the entire image as much as fisheye lenses typically do. Where the fisheye expands the field of view both horizontally and vertically, generally speaking the focus of panoramic photography is only horizontal. Of course landscapes aren’t the only subject suited to this style of photography, all the birds flocked around the lake in the picture above are a perfect example of expanding the field of view for a good reason.


The Autographer Wearable Smart Camera

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smart cameraWhile people may have a wide range of choices when it comes to digital cameras, they generally would get cameras with the same general function. People need to seek what they wish to capture, focus the camera and then click to capture. That’s how all digital cameras basically work similarly to each other. It would be interesting to have a digital camera that captures images by itself for a change. This is where the new Autographer comes in.

The Autographer is unique in that it may be unlike the usual digital cameras in the market today. Just how different? Well, the Autographer is able to take pictures by itself as you are wearing it. This unique camera is designed to be worn instead of being held. It is also different in that it comes with a custom 136-degree eye view lens to mimic a person’s field of vision. It also comes with 5 built-in sensors that is fused with a special algorithm that allows the camera to take pictures when the right moment comes. The Autographer decides by itself what pictures to take based on your preferences, leaving all the hard work to the device. It is this function that makes the Autographer the first intelligent camera in the market. It comes with a 5MPx low light sensor, an 8GB internal memory and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless convenience when making file transfers. The Autographer is available at Amazon for $175.

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Snapseed Photo Editing App for Android Devices

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photo editing appSmartphones for most people have become the default image capturing device. Even while there are digital cameras with powerful features, there are people who prefer using their smartphones for the convenience. It even helps that the photos taken can directly be improved, enhanced and shared. These functions are just like what the Snapseed Android Photo Editing App can do.

The Snapseed Android Photo Editing App is a useful and easy to use photo editor designed for Android smartphones. It can perform basic photo edits with auto features as well as advanced tweaks with the use of filters and effects. It is just like having a professional photo editing software working in your smartphone or any other Android device. And what’s more, the Snapseed Android Photo Editing App is available at Google Play for free download. It is an app that every avid smartphone photographer should have.

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Focus Twist iOS App

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ios appIt seems that having the iPhone gives you the  means to access some of the more interesting and innovative apps you can get your hands on. This is not taking anything against Android and other phones, but iPhone users usually have the first dibs at some of the more unique apps out there. One probable reason may be is that the app developers find it easier to earn rewards, financial and otherwise when they develop apps for Apple devices first. But that’s just me. But if you get to see apps like the new Focus Twist, then you might get the idea of what I’m talking about.

The Focus Twist iOS app is a unique app that allows users to refocus objects in a picture taken when the app is running. The resulting captures are called as Twists. And there can be many ways people can use these images when they share them to friends and family.  But first users need to learn the process of taking Twists.

With the app running, users then need to take a few seconds to capture the Twist. But that does not end there. Users need to find or compose a scene with multiple focus points. Users then only need to take images while also trying to shoot the images with different focus points. After the initial work is done, the app will then transform the different images into a Twist capable of changing the focus set inside the manor. The  Focus Twist app then tries to piece together a Twist with multiple points in the image to focus on. The Focus Twist iOS app is available at the Apple App Store for free download.

Photo Stories Split Pic Android App

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Taking pictures on a mobile device has become quite a common activity. It may have even replaced some digital cameras in other people’s pockets. What makes a mobile device a more preferable device for capturing images is its ability to have app like this Photo Stories Split Pic app for Android.

The Photo Stories Split Pic Android app is an ideal photo app to have on your Android phone. It allows you to give life to your stash of photos after you have taken them. Looking at them after you take them may probably be the first and last thing that you do with those photos. Why not create a story out of them if you have a series of photos that tell of a certain memorable experience? This is where you will find the Photo Stories Split Pic app quite useful.

This Android photo app tool allows you combine different pictures and lets you arrange them into photo strips to tell a story. It is a simple app that lets you be creative with those photos before you share them with friends and family members. The Photo Stories Split Pic Android app is available at Google Play for free download.

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Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera

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Panasonic HX-A1 Action CamAction cameras have become quite popular now that people like to broadcast what they do on their daily lives. But in the case of such cameras, they are designed to record the action. People have become so enamored about learning each other’s lives that they constantly try to connect every aspect of their lives to others online. And what you get is a web of connected lives not limited by distance or time. After all, sharing every life tidbit online has become a 24/7 habit for some. If you wish to record all that action and share it, this new Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera may be a good gadget to have around.

The Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera is a compact, POV action camera that people can wear as they easily go on and record their lives. It is designed for people who crave for action and adventure all the time and prefer to have their exploits recorded and shared for all to see. Weighing just 45 grams, it may not be a hinder to have or wear as it records video in Full HD. The rugged structure of this camera makes it ideal for use in the outdoors and any types of weather. Whether in wet, dry, hot or cold conditions, the Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera will continue to capture every moment in video for you.

The Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera is also capable of capturing video even in darkness. Using an IR light source and a Night Mode filter, users of the Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera can capture videos in the dark or even in places where lighting conditions may not always be ideal. The action camera also comes with WiFi built-in as well as the ability to simultaneously record two videos as one when connected to a compatible Panasonic camcorder via WiFi. Other features include Loop recording as well as recording videos in slow motion. The Panasonic HX-A1 Wearable Action Camera is available at Amazon for $145.

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Photography Lighting Tips

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portrait photography

Photography as a hobby requires that you learn certain methods and techniques in order to capture the best images. Lighting is an important element in photography that avid enthusiasts in this hobby will need to learn. Certain conditions will have different lighting requirements to ensure great photos. Capturing portraits indoors is just one of them. When you set up your portrait shoot, remember the following key points:

Effective Use of Flash

Don’t use direct flash as it may ruin the photograph and leave you with an overexposed subject. Use your photographic sense to make the best use of shadows

Having an Appropriate Background

Background can be sometimes as important as the subject itself. You could go for a beautiful blur effect, or a very high/low key approach with a black or white background. Either way, be sure to consider background in your mental checklist before pressing the shutter.

A great tip is to open your Aperture as wide as possible, to create a shallow depth of field and make your subject “pop” out of the background.

Natural vs. Artificial Expression

There has always been a debate about natural and artificial expressions of the subject. The most difficult task for a photographer is to make a portrait shot as natural as possible. To attain this, make sure your subject is comfortable and ready for the shoot. Don’t jump into shooting right away. Spend some time chatting and getting to know one another.

Air Video HD iOS App

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Air Video HD iOS App

People today use smartphones and tablets for watching videos and listening to music. These devices offer a portable means of watching a favorite movie or TV series while on the go. But one of the disadvantages of such devices is that it may not always have enough memory to store all those movies or video files. One suggested solution is to stream those videos instead of uploading them directly into the device. For iOS device owners, the Air Video HD iOS app offers a convenient solution that will not affect the non-expandable memory of their device.

The Air Video HD iOS app allows iPhone and iPad users as well as other iOS products to stream video files from the Mac or PC into their device. That beats trying to upload all the video files that eat up the valuable storage space on the devices. Users only need to install the server software on their Mac or PC as well as the app on their chosen device. Users can then start streaming video files from their computer into their devices in minutes. Users using this app can access all the video files they have in store on their computer anywhere they go as long as they have an Internet connection. There is no more need to download and watch all those videos while on the go.

The Air Video HD also comes with synchronized settings. Users can watch and pause a video from their iPhone and continue watching it where they left off from their iPad. The same thing is available for looking at the History list. What makes Air Video HD also quite useful is its video transcoding features on the fly. The app can playback any video file in different popular formats and transcode them as they stream. This also goes for video files in different codecs and bitrates. Users are ensured that they can watch their favorite videos streamed to their iOS devices. If users are going somewhere without an Internet connection, this app also makes it convenient to search and download videos into the device. The Air Video HD iOS app is available at the Apple App Store for a $3 download.

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Portrait Photography Tips 

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Taking A Camera Shot

Portrait photography is one of the most interesting types of photography. What makes it even more rewarding is the fact that you are making someone else beautiful through your camera. Interestingly, there are several things that one should keep in mind in order to get that “Wow” effect in the final portraits. Let’s take a look at a few Quick Tips!

Choose the Right Subject
Your subject is the heart and soul of a portrait composition – the right face will determine the success of your shoot. That’s why you should spend much of your time and effort finding the most suitable subject for your assignment.

Define a Character
Choosing a subject alone is not enough. In portrait photography, every subject has their own individual character. A female portrait with gentle and soft skin defines a character which is very different from a wrinkled, older gentleman. Both are great subjects for portrait photography, but you have to select the best according to the composition you are have in mind.

Try Different Angles and Poses
To add flavour, spice and freshness to your portrait photography, never fear to experiment with position. After you have finalized the model, experiment with different poses, angles and postures of the face and body. This will ensure that you not only end up with great portrait shots, but also very interesting ones. A natural pose is great, but you can also have fun directing unusual an unusual pose or stance.

Lights are Everything
The fate of your final photograph is largely determined by the lighting conditions. For example, if you have a very bright background, it may overpower your subject and result in a completely washed out photograph.


AAXA P3-X Pico Projector

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pico projectorThere has been a lot of hype surrounding pico projectors when they first came about. But unfortunately, they haven’t really become popular as expected, at least not yet. While pico projectors provide consumers with a portable projector to bring along, it hasn’t really become a must have gadget yet. It may be a case of a technology that may have arrived too early for people to appreciate. But still there are companies such as AAXA Technologies that continue to keep the developments on pico projectors moving. An example is this AAXA P3-X Pico Projector.

The AAXA P3-X Pico Projector is designed to make such devices even become more portable and handy. At the moment, it is one of the smallest in the market today. So small is this light engine that its size is about that of a typical smartphone. Despite that, it has a LED light engine capable of producing a 70 lumen, vivid light projection with its 15,000 LED’s. This pico projector is also capable of projecting up to an 80″ image despite its size. Also included in the device is a mini-HDMI and composite video inputs capable of receiving 1080p as well as WVGA inputs.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the AAXA P3-X is also ideal as an entertainment device. With its built-in media player, you can make use of the P3-X Pico Projector to play movies, photos as well as music. It comes with a lithium ion battery that is good enough for two hours of use. The AAXA P3-X is a true pocket pico projector that you can bring along just about anywhere. It is available at Amazon for $200.

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